Saturday, April 16, 2011

A sick day in Catasauqua

Hello everyone, sorry this blogger has been down and out with bronchitis. I got sick so fast I didn't see it coming. Wednesday I was at choir rehearsal feeling fine and then went home to cough all night. I tried to get in to the doctor Thursday morning but the soonest I could get an appointment was Monday, it seems everyone was like me, coughing. Allergy time in Catasauqua, gotta love it. I just looked at the weather channel, we have a pollen alert for trees in the area. But oh, how I love the trees right now. I had planned on doing a blog on the trees in Catty, have you seen some of the flowering trees, they are truly gorgeous. They seem really full this year to. My personal favorite is the Magnolia, and my favorite tree is at the other end of my block. I love Magnolias so much I asked for one last year for mother's day. In a few days I will hopefully be better and do the blog.

Yesterday was quite the adventure, I could hardly get out of bed, but I knew if I didn't get some sort of medicine I would probably only get worse. So out I went to the Airport Road Emergi-Center over by Sonic and the new Target store. The concept was good as I watch the flashing sign, quick service, see a doctor and the time and temperature, that wasn't so good because I watch 2 1/2 hours pass by. From what I understand you usually don't wait that long, but so many people are sick right now. There was a little boy there - he looked like how I felt, he was sprauled out on two chairs laying there half in and out, I did it in the more adult way, I slept sitting up, hey at least the time went quicker that way.

When I finally got it I had these 2 male nurses that took vitals, and then after another wait (and nap) in the room the dr. saw me said I had bronchitis said I would be getting a shot (I love Rauol, he made it painless) and prescriptions. Yeah for drugs, well, almost anyway, took my prescription to Hartzells, I guess I should of waited that of would of been the way to get them the fastest, but by this time I could hardly sit upright and needed to get home, don't even ask me how I drove, but finally a little after 6:30 pm my ordeal was over and antibotics and steriods were in my hands.

I think they are helping, I am now sitting upright, sort of, you gotta love a laptop when you are sick, I can blog from bed. But I am facing missing church tomorrow, usually I wouldn't care but tomorrow is Palm Sunday, it has always been my favorite Sunday. When I was young, it was like wow a bonus, like you got something free for going to church. When I got older it became so much more special. I didn't realize that my current church did a palm parade. We did not have one at the church I went to as a child. I was there with my mother-in-law and they started the palm parade and they had brought my son down from nursery, there he was half eating the palm and waving, at that moment I grabbed him and marched in the parade and have marched almost every year since. Wednesday night at choir rehearsal we sang the palm parade song, and I got all teary eyed.

Well, there will be other palm parades, in the meantime I am overdosing on the Syfy channel (I am on my third movie), taking my medications and having some tea, and with that it's .......another day in Catasauqua.