Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Take me out to the Ball Game

I have been wanting to write about the Iron Pigs for a while, but between work and this darn bronchitis it kept getting put off, so let me finally get started.

I feel that Coca Cola Park is in Catasauqua's backyard, mainly because it is.

Coca Cola Park is 3.5 miles from my house with an estimated driving time of 10 minutes according to google maps. I think I can do it in less time. I have a method as to what time we leave for the games, where to park and how to get home in about 6 minutes. Even though it is so close, when I am there I feel far from home.

If you haven't attended at least one game yet, I suggest you do. We use it as mini-vacations since we get the 18 game pack, we use to always eat there, but since money is a little tight we will be doing that less this year. (I bought our tickets last year before getting laid off, which was a good thing) But that doesn't mean that they don't have some good food. Two games ago I tried the Gyros, I highly recommend them. Their fries are pretty good and I see that they have added my favorite-- fries with bacon and cheese. I wonder what Ferrous thinks about all the bacon, ham and pork products being used. I hope they don't use anybody that Ferrous knows.

They have everything from sandwiches to a slawdog, which I think I might have to try next, grilled chicken, steak sandwiches, funnel cake, ice cream, dipping dots, and my favorites, twisty pretzels from the Pretzel Company (for a real treat try the pretzels with cinnamon and sugar, yum). Oh, I can't forget Aw Schucks Corn and Jaindl's. If you want a great hamburger skip the ones at the stands and go out to the carts, there is an order whatever you want on your hamburger stand that grills the hamburgers and serves them up with a lot of different choices on a pretzel roll, a little pricey but worth it in my opinion. I walked around at the last game and checked everything out, each stand has added more options so you really have a lot of choices.

Since we had an 18 game pack, we had the option to renew for the same seats, we decided we liked our section, even though they never throw any of the free stuff to us. The people around us are so much fun, and it was good to see everyone after a long winter. There are these 4 older ladies behind us, and boy, they know there baseball, they yell at the umpire, the catcher, the pitcher and the batter. They have a couple beers and a lot of laughs. I think my favorite comment was one evening it what getting a little cold so they put a sweater around the one ladies neck and shoulders and then said, "Oh Joyce, you look like your ready for the bus from the home to pick you up." I hope I I am like that when I get to be their age, carefree and just enjoying every minute of life. I love them.

Well, I told you about the food, the stadium and the people, now let me tell you about the team. Hmmm, maybe not, they haven't won a game that I attended yet. Most of the players I don't know yet, a lot of new names, some familiar ones, but I miss Andy Tracy. He was the guy you cheered for when he came out, he was the "star". I don't feel that there are any really stars yet this year, but I am sure someone will become the fan favorite, in the meantime we will cheer on Ferrous and FeFe.

Well, there you go, batter, batter swing and ....another day in Catasauqua.